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Norseman Drill & Tool               

   Part Number     Description      Price  
 NDT-BR-8SQ  8 pc. 1/8″-5/16″, 4 Drills and 4 Square Extractors  $83.60
 NDT-BR-10  10 pc. 3/32″-5/16″, 5 Drills and 5 Spiral Extractors  $78.41
 NDT-SE-5N  5 pc. Spiral Extractor Set, Sizes 1 through 5  $16.80


Both the BR-8SQ and the BR-10 sets are a combination of left-handed heavy duty spiral drills and bolt/screw extractors.  The SE-5N is a set of 5 hi-carbon steel spiral extractors.

Quality Cut & Abrasives is very proud to carry products from Norseman Drill & Tool for our customers!