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Norseman Drill & Tool                    

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Made in the USA, Norseman Drill & Tool’s “Weldout” spot weld bits are some of the absolute finest available.  These rugged high performance drills are designed to effectively cut auto body panel spot welds.  The high red hot hardness of cobalt steel permits speeds 30% greater than H.S.S. drills.  Cobalt steel is substantially more abrasion resistant, resulting in very long wearing cutting edges. 

  Part Number    Description    Price 
WO-6-35010  Cobalt – 6.5mm,8mm,10mm Single & Double End 6 Bit Set  $154.48
 WO-37520  HD Cobalt Steel – Gold 6.5mm x 1.75″ Bit  $11.51
 WO-37520-5  HD Cobalt Steel – Gold 6.5mm x 1.75″ (Pkg. of 5 Bits)  $52.55
 WO-73450  Titanium Coated M-42 Cobalt Steel 8mm Bit  $19.95
 WO-73460  Titanium Coated M-42 Cobalt Steel 10mm Bit  $28.21
 WO-37670  Cobalt HSS Gold Finish HD Spur Point 8mm x 3.62″ Double End Bit  $28.06
 NEI-10052A  Neiko HSCO 8mm Cobalt Steel Spot Welder Bit  $12.70
 NEI-10053A  Neiko HSCO 10mm Cobalt Steel Spot Welder Bit  $13.80

Neiko Tools USA                                              

Neiko Tools USA (It is an import!) HSCO Spot Welder Bits are available in 8mm and 10mm.  These are High Speed Cobalt Bits with a Titanium coating which prevents dulling from over heating.  These bits are 1 3/4″ in length with one flat side on the shank and a special centering nib to prevent slipping.  For a Chinese product the Neikos are very nice bits