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High Teck           

   Part Number     Description      Pkg. Quantity    Price  
 HIT-RED  6″ x 9″ Red, Heavy-Duty, Very Fine  20  $26.80
 HIT-GRAY  6″ x 9″ Gray, Heavy-Duty, Ultra Fine  20  $26.80

High Teck scuff pads are a heavy duty pad. Developed using Mirka’s innovative Total Coating™ Technology, Mirlon Total is more aggressive than Mirlon and produces a dense scratch pattern and rapid result. Suitable for use in wet and dry modes, it features an open and flexible structure and strength.  As well as for scuffing surfaces for painting, the red is excellent for removing rust and cleaning metal.  The gray is excellent for final scuffing applications…..  Yes you read correctly, the High Teck pads are made in Finland by Mirka!      


  • Made with cut fiber strands then coated evenly with resin and abrasives.
  • Very flexible and is ideal to use on contoured surfaces.
  • Consistent scratch pattern and more uniform finish.



Mercer Industries                 


  Part Number    Description    Pkg. Quantity    Price 
 MER-285MRN  6″ x 9″ Very-Fine Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Pad  20  $25.34
 MER-285GRY  6″ x 9″ Ultra-Fine Silicon Carbide Abrasive Pad  20  $25.34

At the request of our customers, we now carry Mercer Industries scuff pads.     


  • Non-woven synthetic fiber impregnated with Silicon Carbide or Aluminum Oxide grain
  • Variety of colors for different applications


  • Will not rust or oxidize
  • Designed to prevent snagging and tearing
  • Can use with water or solvents
  • Washable and Reusable