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3m, Norton        Overspray Sheeting                         

   Part Number     Description     Price 
 MMM-6727  12′ x 400′  High-Density, Tear-Resistant Film  $63.59
 MMM-6728  16′ x 350′  High-Density, Tear-Resistant Film  $81.07
 NOR-06727  12′ x 400′ Medium-Density, Corona-Treated Film  $43.05
 NOR-06728  16′ x 400′ Medium-Density, Corona-Treated Film  $57.40

Most everything made by 3M and Norton are top of the line products, and the Overspray Protective Film Sheetings are no exception.  They are made of a thick .4 mil clear durable plastic film that is treated for excellent paint overspray adhesion.


Slip-N-Grip     Overspray Protection                        

  Part Number    Description    Pkg. Quantity    Price 
 FG-P9943-22  82″ x 300″ Large Car Cover  30 per Roll  $119.00
 FG-P9943-98  45″ x 40″ Large Contoured Tire Masker  50 per Box  $22.50
 M-FG-P9943-41  36″ x 100′ Adhesive Wrap (blue)  1 Roll  $89.00