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Hand Cleaners – Lincoln and Grip Clean!        

Both the Tough Touch and the Soft Touch can be used with or without water.  It takes only a very small amount to remove grease, dirt and everything else from your hands.  The Tough Touch will do an excellent job in removing dried on paint.  These hand cleaners are ideal for tow trucks since they work well without water.  Lincoln is made in the USA.
  Part Number    Description    Pkg. Quantity    Price  
 LIN-53760 Tough Touch – 16 oz. Tube With Pumice  12  $8.49
 LIN-53761 Soft Touch – 16 oz. Tube Without Pumice  12  $8.49
 GRP-TUBE Grip Clean – 10 oz. Tube  Each  $9.99
 GRP-COUNTER Grip Clean – Half Gallon Countertop Jug  Each  $24.99
 GRP-GALLON Grip Clean – 1 Gallon Refill Jug  Each  $34.99
 GRP-DISPENSER Grip Clean – Wall Mount Dispenser and 1 Gallon Jug  Each  $109.99

Our favorite hand cleaner by far…  Grip Clean, all natural, won’t dry out your hands, made in the USA, in stock and ready to ship!  This is really good stuff…


       *Coconut Oil and Olive oil leave your skin feeling soft – lime essential oil added for a crisp scent*


  • Dirt powered formula absorbs grease and toxins
  • Natural ingredients do not dry or crack skin – EVER
  • Delicate enough to use on entire body
  • Pumice Soap for extra scrubbing power
  • 2 times more concentrated than leading brands