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Milwaukee       Sawzalls                            


   Part Number     Description      Price  
 MWK-6509-31  12Amp, 3/4″Stroke, Cntr.Wt., Clutch, Case  $171.99
 MWK-6519-31  12Amp, 1-1/8″Stroke, Cntr.Wt., Clutch, Case  $169.99
 MWK-6536-21  13Amp,1-1/4″Strk.,Orbital,Cntr.Wt.,Clutch,Adj.Shoe,Case  $211.99
 MWK-6538-21  15Amp,1-1/4″Strk.,Orbital,Cntr.Wt.,Clutch,Adj.Shoe,Case  $227.99

The 13 and 15 Amp saws are the “Super Sawzall” models.  All Milwaukee Sawzalls are perfect for shop applications.

Milwaukee       Chop Saws                          


   Part Number     Description      Price  
 MWK-6177-20  15Amp, 4.0HP, 3900 RPM, 9″ Opening  $209.00


If there is a particular Milwaukee tool you are looking for, or if you need replacement parts for a tool you already have, please call.
Quality Cut & Abrasives is an authorized distributor for Milwaukee.


Milwaukee Grinders, saws     

  Part Number    Description     Price  
 MWK-6130-33  7.0Amp 4 1/2″ Small Angle Grinder  $90.99
 MWK-6370-21  13Amp 8″ Metal Cutting Saw with Case  $334.99